Factory Youth Center

Life as a teenager is not easy, and difficulties increase significantly for students who live in under-resourced environments.  The youth center strives to provide a safe place for teens to connect with one another, get support and help from safe adult staff, and learn to overcome life’s obstacles knowing that God has their back and loves them unconditionally.


Specifically, The Factory Youth Center provides a variety of programs for students in grades 7-12 who live in the Pequea Valley and surrounding areas of eastern Lancaster County. The mission of the youth center is create healthy, self-confident teenagers who have the resources they need to merge into adulthood.   Programs are offered that help address resources in six areas: physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, intellectual, and financial.

Open Door Nights

Open door nights are fun, upbeat, and a safe place for students to hang out and connect with one another. Dedicated staff and volunteers meet with the teenagers in a setting where they can cultivate a relationship of trust and support. These relationships offer the staff and volunteers a chance to show love, help, and care on an individual and consistent basis.

Homework Clubs

At Homework Club, students receive support in completing their homework or projects. Homework club is offered Thursdays at the Pequea Valley Intermediate School.

Resource Workshops

The Factory Youth Center offers a Girls Circle workshop for middle school girls. This workshop offers support and guidance for girls who may be going through difficult times. The Factory Youth Center’s vision is to offer more intentional workshops and support for the students. Workshops will focus on specific topics the teens are going through. Topics include, but are not limited to, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, self-worth, and leadership development and training.

Special Events

Throughout the year, we offer special events to our Youth Center Teens including: 5th Quarter Party, Fall Barn Party, Christmas Party, Winter Camp, Philadelphia Zoo Trip, Hershey Park trip and more! We also have weekly Game Nights, Basketball Nights, and Pool Parties throughout the summer.

We appreciate your financial support. Your dollars help sustain our community development efforts.