Social Services

At The Factory Ministries, we believe that everyone’s journey matters!  Our social services department provides a relational and caring environment where adults who are under-resourced and struggling with poverty-related issues can find hope and help as they navigate through life.


The Factory Ministries is committed to not enabling, changing or judging those struggling with poverty. Instead, we empower individuals by helping them to not just focus on symptoms but to develop the resources they need to deal with root issues.  Our goal is to create healthy, resilient, and self-sufficient people who not just survive but thrive in their communities.  To do that, we offer intakes, assessments and resource development in six main areas:  physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, intellectual, and financial.


At The Factory Ministries, social workers utilize intakes for all new participants. The intake process provides an overview of the Factory Ministries, our mission, and an explanation of poverty through six different resources, (physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, mental, and financial.) The participant discloses his or her story and needs to the Social Worker during the intake process. 

Throughout the intake, we are building relationships and walking the journey with the participant. We know that “no significant change happens outside a significant relationship.


Completed after the intake, “My New Life Now” assessments are designed to help participants understand their circumstances and get to the root issue. The Factory does not want to put “bandaids” on the problem, but help individuals dig deeper into what is really holding him or her back from living life to the fullest. Participants are empowered to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Sensitive).

Goal Setting

Participants and social workers will develop SMART goals in one or more of the six resource areas.  Social workers will provide support to the participant in meeting their goals through referrals, counseling support, and providing workshops.

Resource Workshops

At The Factory Ministries, workshops are provided to address all six resource areas.  The workshops are a way for participants to be empowered to meet their goals, to decrease poverty, and strengthen their community. When participants attend our workshops, they earn 30 Factory Buck$ to be used at our Food Pantry.

The Factory Food Pantry

Every appointment and workshop attended earns our participants Factory Buck$. Factory Buck$ is the currency we use in our Food Pantry. Once a week, participants may schedule an appointment to go grocery shopping and spend their Factory Buck$. If you would like to make a donation to our Food Pantry, please call (717) 687-9594.

Our Food Pantry follows the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement.

We appreciate your financial support. Your dollars help sustain our community development efforts.